Online Safety Consultant

It’s our responsibility to show our children how to use their devices responsibly. Most kids have mobile devices, they’re on social media and they need your guidance. It’s time to show them how to self regulate and stay in control to avoid gaming addiction and oversharing disasters.

No more battles. Less worrying. Good habits start here. ~ Natalia

Upcoming Events:

Facebook LIVE EVENT! “Tweens & TECH mini”— Welcoming tweens and their parents (7:00pm EST, October 26, 2016).

St. Mary School, Chesterville: “Tweens & Tech 2017” (November 16, 2016).

Feeling overwhelmed with where to begin to teach your children healthy online habits?

Here’s a start … This easy guide contains videos, links to Natalia’s TOP online safety resources, Rules THAT WORK for younger kids and Rules THAT KEEP WORKING for teens. All for only $4.00