Meet Natalia

Communication unlocks a lot of built-up anxiety and unhappiness. Knowing how to communicate with your children can level out fears and doubts that may be holding them back from doing their absolute best in everything they do.

Imagine if schools carved time out of the current curriculum to provide more social skill development . . . teaching them how to set goals with purpose . . . or how to look at challenges from different perspectives.  It’s such an important time to be teaching children these vital life skills—why not start at home?

My passion for building assertive skills and self worth in children is long stemmed starting as a graduate from the University of Ottawa in Sociology, and completing specialized coach training at Erickson College. Speaking to parents about better ways of communicating with their children is what gives me a zest for life. Some parents just don’t know enough about technology to guide their children on how to use it safely— speaking to kids is how I help these parents.